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Happiness is a long weekend!

It might be a holiday Monday or maybe you took a Friday off to extend the traditional weekend?  For the non-traditional a long weekend could be a few hours any day of the week on your porch with a good book and a glass of wine by your side.

In honour of Fielding’s 10th anniversary, we decided to bring something new to the Niagara community! Back in 2013 we were up north, sitting around a campfire with a glass of red in hand wishing the weekend would never end. Now that warm feeling never has to end, with a little imagination and a bottle of Long Weekend Wine Co. every night you can steal away for that carefree summer feeling.

Long weekends come in all shapes and sizes and that is why we created two delicious wines to complement your weekend personality. The Chardonnay-Pinot Grigio is bright and fruity with a fresh citrus appeal and is best served well-chilled when thirsty! The Cabernet is medium-bodied, rich and flavourful and is guaranteed to be a hit at your next BBQ! Best served with grilled meats, roasts and good friends.



Long Weekend Stories...

We enjoy crafting unique wines to suit every occasion and The Long Weekend Wine Co. is the perfect partner for any weekend.

When we started tasting the wine we shared a few bottles with a handful of friends and relatives and here’s what they said, about our wines and their favourite long weekend moments.

Our book club plans a long weekend getaway every year. We all work different shifts so often this means our weekend starts on a Wednesday and have to be back at work by Saturday. We plan our road trip, pack the car snacks, iPod play list and of course the mandatory case of wine to complement our evening entertainment.

It’s such a rare treat to get away from work, laundry and the chaos of busy family life so we enjoy the simplicity of some great cheese and wonderful company with our wine. We tell stories about our other halves, laugh a lot and drink some more! Long weekends replenish the energy and are good for the soul! And imagine how happy our husbands and the laundry hamper are to see us when we return!

Beth, age 45

Long Weekends are nostalgic for me. I like to remember what I was doing when I was a kid with my parents. It always included my brothers and I catching frogs at the cottage and then trying to leave them in our sister’s bunk bed. My parents would be playing cards or cribbage on the deck, always with a glass of wine in hand and having their own private conversations and private laughs.

Now 30 years later, I am doing the same thing with my wife, stealing private moments on the deck while turning a blind eye to our children’s mischief. No better way to toast a long weekend and souvenirs of our past than with the delicious Cabernet on a breezey summer’s eve.

John, age 38

I’ve only been out of University and in the working world now for three years so Long Weekends have taken on a whole new meaning since student life! Now I maximize every minute of my long weekends with friends and fun! We like to hit the beach, catch some rays with our factor 50 on, go wake boarding, have a dance party and of course there is wine.. Lots of wine! I think the perfect complement to every weekend is sharing a bottle or two with those you love! And maybe even sharing a bottle with the guys we meet on the beach…

Kaylie, age 25

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